Why Florid Garden Restaurant?

    May 15, 2019     Posted By : Florid Garden


Located within Florid Restaurant in Thamel, our Florid Garden Restaurant has gained a reputation as one of Thamel's finest restaurants, which showcases gorgeous floral arrangements with walls capped vines and warm wooden sitting area. By focusing on local products and authentic Nepali cooking methods, elevated with international flavors and seasonal twists, the restaurant offers delicious dishes of the foremost quality and ingredients.

The Florid Garden Restaurant offers a wide array of dining options and satisfying food experiences to suit every palate. From fine dining, fast food to spicy Chinese cuisine and rich Indian dishes, there are plenty to choose from.


We offer a perfect blend of authentic food experience with modern touches and contemporary design. Our menu is derived from different regions of the world, and we bring together the best of both worlds, from our local Nepali dishes to Continental dishes,  you can find something for all at Florid Garden. We also have a wide range of vegetarian options for our guests to enjoy. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, breakfast, and snacks of amazing flavors, along with specially chosen wines. All of our product is organic and ethically/sustainably sourced, being an independent business, we try to work with local farms where possible and use local suppliers to contribute to the local economy. 

Relish all the flavors and character of the Kathmandu city in this contemporary restaurant serving sumptuous cuisines, seafood, and a menu of discerning wines & imported liquors.

As it is a garden restaurant, you will get a perfect opportunity to escape from the bustling streets of Thamel even for a few hours and spend time enjoying mouth-watering food with your loved ones. The fresh atmosphere and lovely vibe of our Florid Garden Restaurant enchant the dining experience to the next level. Likewise, the friendly and professional team members have given extra care to all our guests and enrich their time with us. We are glad to welcome you all to experience the best service available in the market.