What makes Nepali food so taste? 

    Jul 02, 2019     Posted By : Dipak pande

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To answer that question, we must take an insider look as to how such dishes are prepared.

The local food in Nepal depends as per the ethnic group and culture. Nepal is home to more than 125 recorded ethnic groups. The people of Newar community have separate food, whereas the people of Brahmin community have their own delicacies. The common delicacy that is prevalent in all of Nepal is undoubtedly the Dal Bhat Tarkari. It is a common staple, which comprises of rice, pulses, and some vegetables. During your stay in Nepal, be sure to taste the authentic Thakali Khana Set. While KFC and McDonalds are considered as fast food in the western countries, in Nepal they are termed as comfort food. Nepalis don’t really visit these parts too. Nepali food like momo and chowmin are often labeled as the cheap and best food in Nepal. 

While we are talking about Nepali food, let’s take a look at the types of Nepali cuisines out there. Newari cuisine is touted as the best cuisine by almost everyone. Most of their meat products come from Buffalo. Some of the dishes are Kachilaa (raw marinated minced meat), Takhaa (jellied soup), Hakuchoila (grounded spiced and broiled meat), Bhuttan (deep fried intestine and gut). There are vegetarian dishes too like Kwati, Yomari, and Bara. These dishes are made from the finest ingredients and are definitely hygienic. If you are on the hunt for Newari dishes, then visit the touristic area in Thamel. There are plenty of restaurants in Thamel, that can cater to your needs and whims. 

Another cuisine that satisfies the mind, stomach, and simultaneously represents the Lohorung cuisine. The Lohorung people originate from Sankhuwasabha and belong to the Kiranti tribe. The most distinguishing dish of these people is Tongba. It is based on millet. Some other popular Nepali cuisines that you can try to soothe the soul are different Khana sets (veg/non-veg). If you need to taste these dishes, then the Florid Garden Restaurant is the best place to test them.  

While the Newari cuisine tends to be on the spicy side, the Terai cuisine portrays the sweetness of Nepal. The Terai people are sweet lovers, and in their dishes, sweet can be found at a high amount. Taste the dishes like Jalebi, Lalmohan, Rasbari, and other sweet items. The savory dishes tend to circle around freshly cultivated vegetables. The main dish curry comprises of cabbage, eggplant, and cauliflower. The Tharu people have a reputation for being excellent fishermen. You should definitely taste their dishes, which are made of prawns, snails, and fish. You don’t have to go to Terai to taste authentic Terai cuisine, you can find it in restaurants in Thamel, and Florid Garden Restaurant serves one of the best dishes from Terai.  

In recent years, Tibetan cuisine has also gained quite a bit of notoriety in the streets of Kathmandu. These cuisines include noodles, yak cheese, dumplings, and Sherpa stew. If you trek in the icy Himalayas, then you will have to feast on these delicacies instead of Dal bhat. Tsampa is a common staple for people in the northern Himalayas. Sha Phaley is also enjoyed on a wide scale in Nepal. No matter which restaurant you visit, chances are that there is a Thukpa in the menu. That is also a famous Tibetan cuisine. Like with other cuisines, these are also built with the finest of ingredients so you can be sure that your health is in perfect condition. 

While in Nepal, you might have heard about Dhido. It is a famous Gurung cuisine. It is prepared from buckwheat and eaten along with gundruk. It is a fermented leaf green curry, which acts as a pickle too. Dhido is eaten with vegetable curries, yogurt, rotis, and in some parts with mutton and chicken too. In Gurung culture, it is a compulsion to drink Kodo ko raksi after eating dhido. To taste delicious Gurung cuisine, you can head to Thamel or even the very core at Ghandruk. 

When in Nepal, you must try these cuisines as they are the best. Even if you are here for a mere tour, you can visit the Florid Garden Restaurant to taste the best Nepali food. It has a peaceful environment and a nice seating area, which can easily accommodate a large number of people. It is a good place for friends and family, and it provides quite a homely experience. Be sure to visit this beautiful restaurant during your stay in Nepal.